About Us

Beginning in 2001 until the present date, ASA Company has strived to purchase the best Niger Seed grown in India.

ASA Seed works closely with universities in the area investing in Niger research, with seed companies that supply the best seed to growers.

We partner with BUHLER:

Buhler is a specialist in its field and is our technology partner for our plant and equipment related services, ranging from processing basic food to manufacturing high-grade materials.

The group is a global market leader in the supply of flour-production plants, pasta and chocolate production lines, animal feed manufacturing installation systems and aluminum die casting systems.


Since the founding of ASA Agrotech, we have built our brand on the foundation and philosophy of Trust, Quality, Excellence and Innovation.

As we are USDA approved, we are under their strict supervision and their team visits our plant every year to approve our facility and renew their certification.

Today we are a brand to reckon with, maintaining a strong commitment to producing high quality and innovative products that meet our customer’s demands. Our goal has always been to provide the best of products at a competitive price.
Our long-term plans include strengthening the company’s sustainability through endless efforts in the pursuit of excellence and perfection in production.

Right from the first step until completion, we endeavor to perfect each stage because our primary focus lies in customer satisfaction by delivering products where the quality speaks for itself. We believe a customer is our most valuable asset and you can depend on us as a reliable partner to provide uniformly consistent quality products that are delivered to you ahead of time.


We adopt SILO.

Important Features of the Galvanized Silo Storage System

  • Scientific methods of storing food grain (First in/First out grain system)
  • No wastage through gunny bags or bulk grain storage
  • Less space utilized as compared with a go-down storage system
  • Mechanized handling of grain resulting in less handling cost as manpower required is less
  • No spillage and no wastage from rodents, insects, birds etc.
  • Quality of the stored grain is maintained through aeration of the bulk grain.