is an Indian incorporated company that supplies high quality Nyger seeds across the globe including the USA, Canada, UK and European markets.
ASA Agrotech is headquartered in Nagpur, India and is a USDA and NPPO approved company. We are also members of the WBFI-Wild Bird Feeding Industry.

Birds can be amazing company just as much as with dogs or cats and even without being caged. Having ‘regulars’ visit you and spend time in your home can bring you and your family an immense satisfaction.

The Goldfinch, with its vibrant red and gold appearance and beautiful voice, is a favorite with both pet owners and bird watchers alike. They are singing birds and having them visit your garden is something most people look forward to.

To get these beautiful birds to visit your garden, you need to provide them with the food that they desire most-Nyger seeds.
Nyjer seeds or-as they are more commonly spelt- Niger seeds are grown in Asia and Africa and are perennial favorites with bird watchers. That is because these highly nutritious seeds are enjoyed by not only the Goldfinch, but also a host of other seed loving birds such as the Blue Tit, Great Tit, Coal Tit, Chaffinch, Bullfinch, Siskin, House Sparrow and Tree Sparrow.

These seeds, popularly referred to as Thistle seeds, have a high protein content and are very popular as ‘Winter Bird Food’ as birds require oil and additional calories in their diet to survive colder temperatures. During late fall and early spring, when birds molt, the protein in Nyger also helps in the regeneration of their feathers.

Bird watching experts have gone on to state that the Niger seeds bring in birds in a shorter time frame than usual. These seeds are your best option to welcome these beautiful birds into your garden all year through.

At Wild Bird Direct, we offer you the highest quality Niger seeds. We believe in providing pure, natural Niger seeds of the topmost quality because keeping the birds healthy is a priority. Also, these birds must be kept happy so that they keep coming back for more.

The Niger seeds that we offer at Wild Bird Direct will guarantee regular visits from Goldfinches who will not only color your garden with their beautiful red and gold but whose birdsongs will soothe your soul all year around. With these Niger seeds, your backyard will never be the same-you will find little colorful birds keeping you company at all times.